A Wide Array of Solutions: Data Collection and Transformation, Database Design and Development, Interactive Web Map Development, Custom Programming of Web-Based and Other Processing. Focused on Open Source - Exclusively, or Fully Integrated with License-Driven Products and Online Services.


The categories we present here are generally not distinct buckets where your GIS requirements fit neatly within one or another. Because of the richness of today's pool of interoperable products and tools, you'll find that you have many paths to the solutions you seek. How you navigate these choices affects the cost of your project - both up front and in the future as requirements evolve. So it is critical to lay out a project architecture that serves as a sturdy foundation for what happens today or what may be encountered down the road.

Software Development

+ open source build and integrate

+ web mapping - State-of-the-Art web maps are highly interactive and go beyond simple zoom and pan commands. M O R E >

+ spatial web services

+ integrate custom mapping with online services:

++ Commercial: google maps api, bing maps api, mapquest, Nokia/HERE, Esri ArcGIS Online,

++ Public: OpenStreetMap and assorted Federal or other WMS

Data Services

+ Collect and Integrate Public Data Sources

+ Integrate Commercial Data Sources

+ Conversion/Migration

++ raster: png, jpg, geotiff, MrSID,

++ vector: shp, gdb, pgdump, csv, gml, geojson, WKB, WKT, kml/kmz,

+ geometry alteration: reproject, simplify,

Spatial Databases - PostgreSQL/PostGIS

+ import to PGSQL from .shp, .gdb, .csv, GeoJSON, KML,

+ indexing, reclassify for web mapping, other optimizations

+implement topology

+exploit object-relational architecture

+custom analysis: geometric comparison, general attributes, statistical filtering


+ web: Mapserver/Mapscript or Custom;

+ web client: OpenLayers, Leaflet

+ desktop: QGIS, gvSIG, uDig

Server Solutions

+ General LINUX admin

+ PostgreSQL admin

+ LINUX web server admin

+ LINUX hosting service

Pure Consulting

Here, the product we deliver to you is information: answers to your questions about approaches to solving geospatial problems, matching products to specific needs, whether to purchase software or embark on custom development, comparing web and desktop solutions, choosing a server and operating system environment, picking the best online commercial mapping service.

Whatever follows is up to you: hire us to act on our recommendations to you, work with other providers, do the work yourselves. Our intial conversation about your needs and possible directions to go in persuit of solutions: always free and without further obligation.